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Development Engineer

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Within this role, you will be technically responsible for Hilti’s product portfolio for the Cast-In business. This comprises product development in projects from definition to final market launch and product care. Embedded in an international team set-up, you will coordinate with market organizations globally to transfer their needs & customer requirements into product requirements and work closely with Hilti plants, external suppliers and testing.

Technical Project Manager (m/f/d) in the area of fire protection

Kaufering near Munich

We are looking for an experienced and dedicated team player (m/f/d) for product development projects in the area of fire protection. As a Technical Project Manager, you will be responsible for the development of technologies and the development of new fire stopping products that meet our customers' requirements. This requires an intrinsic desire to solve problems and develop creative product solutions. Passive fire protection systems are a clever combination of chemical and mechanical elements resulting in a synergy and increased performance.

Test engineer (m/f/d) in F&E power tools

Kaufering near Munich

We are looking for an experienced and practice-oriented test engineer (m/f/d) for the verification of technically demanding power tools, such as saw blades, grinding/cutting discs and drills. Within the scope of development projects, you will coordinate and supervise the testing of our products in a modern test environment, from prototype to production. You will bring experience from previous related activities to your collaboration with our interdisciplinary and international teams.

Technischer Projektleiter (m/w/d) im Bereich Brandschutz

Kaufering nahe München

Wir suchen einen erfahrenen und engagierten Teamplayer (m/w/d) für Projekte in unserer Produktentwicklung im Bereich Brandschutz. Als Technischer Projektleiter sind Sie verantwortlich für die Entwicklung von Technologien und die Entwicklung neuer Brandschutzprodukte, welche den Anforderungen unserer Kunden entsprechen. Dazu bedarf es einer intrinsischen Motivation Probleme zu lösen und kreative Produktlösungen zu generieren.

Testingenieur (m/w/d) F&E Elektrowerkzeuge

Kaufering nahe München

Wir suchen einen erfahrenen und praxisorientierten Testingenieur (m/w/d) für die Verifikation von technisch anspruchsvollen Werkzeugen, wie Sägeblätter, Schleif- und Trennscheiben sowie Bohrer. Im Rahmen von Entwicklungsprojekten koordinieren und verantworten Sie in einem modernen Testfeld die Erprobungen von unseren Produkten von Mustern bis zur Serie. Für die Zusammenarbeit mit unseren interdisziplinären und internationalen Teams bringen Sie Erfahrungen aus vergleichbaren vorhergehenden Tätigkeiten mit.

Technical Project Manager Fastener Technology

Liechtenstein, Schaan

You will join the Fastener Technology team and be technically responsible for driving Hilti`s future fastener portfolio. This includes product development from the idea to the final market launch and the realization of new manufacturing technologies in our plants all over the world.

Intern – R&D- Digitalization and connectivity in the construction industry

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Join our interdisciplinary team in Corporate Research and Technology investigating the digital future of our customers and the construction industry through our engineered solutions. Gain exposure and knowledge in a variety of industries ranging from oil and gas to hospitals, from civil infrastructure constructions to manufacturing. Working closely with our leadership and our experts across R&D and business units you will support us in identifying and prioritizing opportunities and requirements to enhance product efficiency and harness the power of ICT.

Intern- Global Process Management – Future ready Innovation Management

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Join our interdisciplinary team in Global Process Management and contribute in forming the fundamentals for a future ready idea-to-launch system to successfully bring innovation to the market. Gain exposure and knowledge across all Hilti business units ranging from process industry to discrete manufacturing. Working closely with our managers and experts in various business functions, you will support us in the evolution of our key innovation framework – Time-To-Money (TTM).

Group Manager Robotics and Visual Computing, Corporate Research and Technology

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Are you excited about applying robotics and visual computing to construction? Do you want to work at the forefront of innovation? In this challenging role you will create and drive the implementation of our strategic R&T roadmap for this domain. Together with your team you will define and implement research and technology projects in an international network with universities and partners. Based on your leadership and passion for talent you are successfully attracting talent to your team and thus developing the team and individuals.

PRAKTIKANT/MASTERAND Technologie- & Innovationsmanagement (m/w)

Thüringen in Vorarlberg

Wir suchen für die Dauer von 5-6 Monaten einen motivierten Studenten (m/w) zur Unterstützung im Bereich Technologie- & Innovationsmanagement im Hilti Produktionswerk in Thüringen, Vorarlberg. Sie erhalten einen Einblick in ein einmaliges Produktionsumfeld eines dynamischen und internationalen Unternehmens. Eine individuelle Einarbeitung und die Zusammenarbeit mit erfahrenen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern im Technologie Management und der Produktion ermöglicht es Ihnen, wertvolle berufliche Erfahrungen in einem globalen und modernen Produktionsumfeld zu sammeln.

Intern- Metallography Laboratory

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Metallography analyses are key activities in the support of our research projects and in the development of our products. As part of a multi-disciplinary team you will be responsible for the technical tasks around the metallography investigations and failure analyses. Start date: April / May, Duration: 6 months

Chemical Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs (Global Chemical Regulatory Compliance) Manager

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Within this role you will become a key member of an interdisciplinary expert team within or Chemical Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs organization. You will be responsible for driving our Global Chemical Legal Compliance Monitoring and international Chemicals Management on product level. Analysing the Green Building Market and Customer Requirements will be part of your expertise as well as continuing our Green Building Strategy bringing it to the next level.

Technical project manager (m/f/d) for power electronics

Kaufering near Munich

In this role, you work closely with our developers and product managers to design and implement innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. You specify system requirements for our drive systems, including mechanics, power electronics and firmware. You create tests, define work packages and coordinate both internal and external partners. You are embedded in an industry-leading, global engineering team, to which you contribute with your comprehensive systems expertise, particularly in the field of electronic design.

Technischer Projektleiter (m/w/d) Leistungselektronik

Kaufering nahe München

In dieser Rolle arbeiten Sie eng mit unseren Entwicklern und Produktmanagern zusammen, um innovative Lösungen für die Anfoderungen unserer Kunden zu entwickeln und zu implementieren. Sie spezifizieren Systemanforderungen für unsere Antriebssysteme, welche die Mechanik, Leistungselektronik und Firmware beinhaltet. Sie erstellen Tests, definieren Arbeitspakete und koordinieren sowohl interne als auch externe Partner.

Intern or thesis student- Prototype development for product testing

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Your task is to plan, develop and test prototypes for specific product testing. Existing theoretical concepts need to be evaluated and refined from a technological point of view, followed by a corresponding proof-of-concept under laboratory and job-site conditions. This is an interdisciplinary task with focus on electrical measurement technologies and system integration. Start date is flexible to the student's availability, duration for at least 6 months and maximum up to 12 months.